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Gareth Davis

Some Links of Interest

Irish Government's Central Statistics Office: Some, but not a plethora of statistics
Central Intelligence Agency Factbook: Good Statistical Profiles of Ireland and the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland Election Statistics 1970-1996:
Northern Ireland Office Home Page: Some Limited Statistics and links on Northern Ireland
Royal Ulster Constabulary: Their annual report has some statistics on violence in Northern Ireland
Click here-: On a lighter note, the internet newsgroup Soc.Culture.Irish is a place where one can sometimes learn things.

UCD Politics Home Page: Contains a lot of Good Links on Irish Political Statistics
US Census Bureau: Absolutely Amazing. How it should be done!!! You can construct your own maps and tables.
University of Ulster's Conflict Resolution Project: Well, much has been promised and we're still waiting. Keep your eye on this site.
The Church of Ireland (Anglican): The Church of Ireland has membership figures for each of its dioceses here.
More Northern Ireland Election Statistics:
Irish Government's Facts about Ireland Publication: Pretty good basic statistical introduction to Ireland.
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