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What's New???

1918 Election Results from Ulster Added
18th October 1997
Occupation and Religion in Ireland in 1861
14 October 1997 Data added
1834 Irish Religious Census
14 Oct 1997- 1834 link Fixed
All-Ireland Election Results from 1918 added
-18th October 1997
Unemployment Rates by Religion in Nothern Ireland 1971-91
Added 19th October 1997
Added section on Church of Ireland Population in Republic of Ireland
October 21, 1997
New Section on Irish-America
October 22, 1997
Religion of Scottish Soccer Fans of Various Clubs
October 22, 1997
Added lots of new stats on religious minorities and tolerance in the Republic of Ireland- October 29, 1997
Added material on security situation in Northern Ireland- October 29, 1997
Data on occupational representation of Catholics in Northern Ireland 1911-1991 (October 28th, 1997)

What's Coming Soon?

* Data on the Irish in America; past and present * Detailed information on religious minorities in the Republic of Ireland * Historical Economic and Population Data for Ireland * The Plantation of Ulster * Election Data * Irish Millitary Statistics * The Great Irish Famine * Opinion Poll Data on attitudes in Ireland. * Plus additions to the categories which already exist. * If you have any ideas as to what you would like to see on here, E-mail me at the address on the Welcome Page.

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