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You're very welcome to this site. Things are a bit rough at the moment as this site is under construction. Nevertheless I hope that you find it useful. I plan to extend this site and add new statistics. If you have any you would like to see added, please e-mail me at the address on this page.While every effort has been made to ensure that the data here are free from error, this cannot be absolutely guaranteed. All risks arising from the use of this data are borne by the user, and use of the data represents an acceptance of this condition by the user. The provision of this data is made strictly on a voluntary basis and for recreational purposes and does not represent a sale, an offer to sell, or a contractual obligation of nay sort.


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Ulster-Orientated Historical and Religious Statistics
Dealing with the 9 counties and mostly pre-1921
Northern Ireland Security/Violence Related Statistics
Dating from the beginning of the Troubles until the Present Day
Northern Ireland Socio-Economic-Religious Statistics
Dating from 1969-
Republic of Ireland Socio-Economic-Religious Statistics
Mostly dating from 1971. But with some going back to 1921.
All Ireland Historical and Religious Statistics
Dating from 1834 (and hopefully beyond, real soon)
Don't Forget- Here's My Article on the Irish Famine
This is a draft and not fot Quotation without the author's written permission. Remember to widen your browser/notepad to read it !!!!!!
NEW- Section on Irish-America
Irish-America: Past and Present
Other Links and Contact Details
You can find links to other sources of data on Ireland: Modern and Historical

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