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Historical Religious Statistics for the Island of Ireland

Religious Composition of Ireland in 1834 : The religious composition of Ireland, by Dioceses in 1834. Source is " First report of the Commissioners of Public Instruction, Ireland, pp.9-45 (45), HC 1835, xxxiii. Taken from DH Akenson (1988),
Religious Composition of Ireland in 1861: The first official census to include religion. The results are given by County. Source is Census of Ireland 1861, report on religion and education p 10-12, taken from Akenson (1988)
Protestants and Roman Catholics in Co. Longford 1660-1981: Taken from Akenson (19??) "The Long Retreat"

All Ireland Pre-1921 Socio-Economic-Political Statistics

Occupation of Irish Males by Religion 1861: Source is "Census of Ireland for the Year 1861, 62 H.C. 1863 (3204-III). Taken from Akenson (1988)
1918 Irish 32 County Westminister Election Results: Source is J. McGarry and B. O'Leary "The Future of Northern Ireland" (1995)

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